Saturday, October 22, 2005

Adding Links

Hi everyone

I've just added my blog address to the links section - I hope this is OK - although I'm now on the members list, this just takes me to blogger's profile, rather than my typepad blog.

Miss bedora wanted to know about the inside of my stashbuster cardigan.

Doesn't this look neat? Well, that's probably because the patterning is largely just striped, with maybe 15% of the rows at most having two colours. So hardly any stranding, and most of the ends are woven in as I go (except near the top, by then I was bored).

I've started the sleeve, but it will be a few weeks before it's finished. I have a few other wips calling out to me which aren't stashbusting ones, alas, but newly acquired (last week) stash.



Blogger Samantha said...

Great idea Dawn. :)

9:38 AM  

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