Friday, October 21, 2005

Another New Member

i all, terri here. I'm too broke to buy yarn this winter, so I'm stashbusting! I just finished a pair of mitts in some very old handspun; probably ten years old at least. It's one ply loosely spun white or light silver, one ply tightly spun dark brown. I had to finish one thumb in some other yarn (KSH if you must know) . I've got so many sweaters on the needle; I think I got startitis when I really just needed to work on some smaller projects, hence the mitts. So it's St Brigid in VY Heb 3-ply, handspun romney in a stranded cardigan, camel intarsia raglan pullover, Market Street Pullover for DH, a LB homespun cardi for DD, and a brand new cardi in some handspun. More on that later...


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Hi Terri! :)

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