Friday, October 21, 2005


My names Hayley my blog is and I'm stash busting because I'm currently only working part time and not making that much cash.But being the yarn-addict that I am I have a sizeable stash that I can knit from for awhile!
Currently I'm knitting a corner to corner afghan useing odd balls of old acrylic. I have a 3 drawer wide cart filled with scraps of yarn. :)
I'm also working on 2 sweaters (one that I NEED 1 more skein of yarn for!), and useing up sock yarn scraps for socks for my nieces and nephews for christmas.
Wow writeing this entry really has me thinking I have to update my blog!!!! :):):):)

I don't know anything about adding anything to the side bar, so if someone could add me and a link to my blog I'd be eternally greatful!!!!!


Blogger Samantha said...

Hello! Happy knitting! That's a great idea for small scraps of oddball yarn! :)

9:38 AM  

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