Saturday, December 31, 2005

Some 2006 Planning

Now, I don't have a picture, yet, but I have been mentally planning on what I am going to knit out of my stash this year. Yes, some of it is current stash enhancement but that is of course a reason to knit it out of my stash right?! I have one stalled project that I plan on finishing, my Crofter's Vest from Folk Vests and then at least 3 more vests from the stash yarn.

I figured I should finally post that I AM going to be using up some of my stash. My goals for 2006 are listed on the side bar of my website. There are only 10 projects listed .... Ummm ... I'll be like the little train that could since i am bad at finishing projects ... i think i can i think i can i know i can i know i can.

Happy New Years (almost) Stashbusters!


Blogger Emily said...

Little train...hmm that sounds familiar *cheeky grin*

7:55 PM  

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