Saturday, December 24, 2005

X-mas Stashbusting

Most all of my Christmas presents are stashbusters:
(top pic) This is a mini Christmas Rose bag from Handknit Holidays, by Melanie Falick. I used RH Super Saver in Hunter Green and Cherry Red.

And on the bottom-
the pink scarf - this was made with the Barbie knitter in the background, it's a Christmas present for a five-year-old I know. The yarn was from a "super assortment" I purchased in October. I think it's wool/acrylic. Little tiny pink scarf - this is Bernat Lu Lu, a gift for a two-year-old. Blue and pink doll sweater - this is for my sister's doll. Green scarf - this si also from the assortment, it's a gift for my mom. Pink facecloth - also with Lu Lu, it's for my grandma. I wrapped it up with some bath salts I made. Natural colors blob - this is actually a doll tank top and skirt, also for Anna's dolls. And the black blobs - one is a pair of doll boots, the other is a scarf for my friend. The white sock is excluded, 'cause it's not a Christmas present, it's for the Dulaan Project.

This is a birthday present for Anna (her birthday is the 28th). It's a crocheted poncho made with Super Saver in Cherry Red.

I'm also stashbusting for myself - I'm making a blue striped sweater, also from the assortment. I'm working on the front.

There's more stashbusting going on in my room, and there's gonna have to be a lot more - since I just won a $200 gift certificate to the LYS, I need to free up some room in my stash. Begone with the cruddy acrylics!

Merry Christmas!


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