Friday, March 17, 2006

Appropriate for March

Hello everyone! I have just decided on and started my March stashbuster's project. I will be knitting the Baby Albert Coat from Sally Melville's The Knitting Experience: The Knit Stitch book. I have a few balls of Phentex yarn in a lovely green (Happy St. Patrick's Day!) in my stash that I will be using. I will probably not finish the sweater by the end of March, but will still count it for March. I'm not sure yet what April's stashbuster's project will be yet. Top left is a picture of the pattern from the book; bottom right is a picture of the yarn.

I have also been doing some other small (tiny) stashbusting. Making baby washcloths out of some Lily Sugar Babies stash and making booties and hats out of small bits of leftover stash.

Have a great day! Happy Knitting!!


Blogger TheKnittingBee said...

Oh - that jacket is so sweet and teeny! Perfect for a few odd balls :)

10:51 AM  

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